“It’s tough being a cat.” So says Dr. Tony Buffington, professor at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Many cat owners do not fully understand their pets’ needs both mentally and physically. Without the right environment, our cats can really suffer. However, we can create a happy, healthy haven for our kitty family members safe in the comfort of home.

Here are some tips to cat-ify your space and make it the perfect sanctuary for your cats:

Litter Boxes

The key is to remember that all animals need to be feel safe and like they have control over their surroundings. Be sure to place litter boxes in a quiet location where your cat will not feel vulnerable. Don’t put litter boxes near appliances or air ducts that may turn on unexpectedly. If you have dogs, find a space that only your cat will be able to access. If your cat feels frightened, they may find other places to do their business throughout your home.

Window Seats


Give your cats a taste of the outdoors without all of the risks. Set up some window seats that allow them to view the outside world, sunbathe, and feel the fresh air. Put bird feeders outside for instant entertainment.


Cats love to climb. In addition, they need to feel like they have a safe spot to get away from house guests, kids, or other pets. Put kitty shelving or cat trees in the areas where your family spends the most time. Cats love to be with their owners but having an elevated place allows them to have a great view of their surroundings while providing them with security so that they don’t feel like they will be ambushed from behind.

Scratching Posts

It comes as no surprise that cats love to scratch! It is a normal part of cat behavior which not only conditions their claws, but also gives them a good way to stretch their limbs and allows them to mark their territory with their scent. In order to avoid your precious feline destroying your furniture, be sure to give them plenty of scratching posts in areas where they like to spend their time. Make sure the scratching post is high enough to enable your cat to fully stretch.


Cats need stimulation. Make sure you offer toys to give your cat a way to banish boredom and use their natural instincts. Interactive play is crucial for your cat’s well being. It not only gives your cats an outlet for their energy and a way to satisfy their drive to hunt but it is also a fantastic way to deepen the bond between you and your pet.

Follow these tips for a PURRfectly happy kitty household.

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