This question is posed again and again. Many people out there have never used a pet sitter before and wonder whether its worth it.  Maybe they like to board their dog when they take a vacation or maybe they have a neighbor who helps them out. While these may seem like good options for your loved ones while you are away, let me tell you why your fur baby is missing out!

Going away and planning for a trip is stressful enough without having to worry about  your pets while you’re gone. If you’re like me, your pets are a part of your family. They greet you at the door every day and take up half your bed at night. I can’t simply leave them behind with just anyone. I don’t want to have to worry about them being locked up in a crate in a strange place or wonder if my friend is really coming when I asked or spending any time with my dog, Bella. I want someone who I can trust who finds their care to be just as important as I do.

Professional Pet Sitters give your pets ONE on ONE personalized attention. We are there specifically to make sure your pets’ needs are addressed and that they are happy in your absence and we will do everything in our power to make their experience a good one. Not only that, but we’ll send you updates if you’d like via text, email or phone so that you can truly enjoy your vacation. We’d be happy to send you a pic of your dog enjoying some play time while you’re away or your kitty getting some lap time!

Is your pet lonely when you are gone? We will take them on long walks, play fetch with them in the yard, or just sit with them and pet them….whatever it takes to take away their anxiety!

Is your pet a picky eater? We will microwave their food or sprinkle a couple treats in with their food.

Does your pet have a special diet? We can make sure they get the same diet that they’ve become accustomed to whether they eat a raw diet or get supplements daily.

Do you have an elderly pet who has trouble getting around? We will pick them up and carry them.

I could go on and on. We don’t just come in and out, throw down some food, let out your pet, and leave. We love animals and truly want them to be safe, healthy, and happy when you can’t be there with them. We take pride in making sure your pets receive the same love and attention that their owners give to them daily.

At Pampered Petz, you can have peace of mind that we are bonded and insured and we have the experience and knowledge needed to care for your pets. We are a member of Pet Sitters International, an organization committed to providing resources to pet sitters throughout the world. We aren’t the neighborhood kid looking to make an extra buck. We aren’t the neighbor who is doing you a favor. Our pet sitters all have pets of their own and understand that your pets are your babies.

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