Pet Sitting is a very personalized service, tailored to the needs of your pet. We frequently have clients who worry that we may think they are crazy when we see their book of pet instructions or ask us for something out of the ordinary. Trust me, we have seen it all and we aim to please! We don’t think your request is odd and we don’t think your crazy. We understand! We’re pet lovers too! Our goal is for your pet’s routine to be as normal as possible. Your pet sitter is happy to perform any pet-related tasks for you. You may be wondering what that might be. Here are some examples of client requests we’ve received:

  • Client asked that we leave on the TV for their dog, specifically the Disney Channel.
  • Client requested that we put cat food and water outside for some local stray cats who like to visit.
  • Client asked that we wipe their dogs’ behinds with baby wipes after coming in.
  • Client asked that we put their cat out on a lead at each visit so that they can enjoy some outdoor time.
  • Client requested that we give each cat exactly 8 piece of large dry food and 10 pieces of small dry food with 1 tablespoon of wet food.
  • Client requested that we put out food for a fox that likes to visit and put out bird seed for the squirrels.
  • Client requested that we mix pieces of hot dog and Parmesan cheese in the dog’s food so that they will eat.
  • Client feeds their pets a raw diet and requested that we assemble a mixture of raw food and various supplements for each meal.
  • Client requested that we turn on the kitchen sink at each visit so that the cat could drink from the faucet because she likes that water best.
  • Client requested that we lift up the covers for the dog at bedtime because they like to burrow under the covers.
  • Client has a dog that likes to mark in the house and requested that we put a diaper on him while he is loose in the house.
  • Client asked us to drive the dogs around when it’s raining as it tires them out.

As you can see, special requests are normal for us and we’re happy to do it. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have a request that’s out of the ordinary. We’re here for you and your fur babies and we’ll make it happen!

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