So, you’ve decided to hire a pet sitter this time instead of boarding your pet but you find a handful of pet sitters in your area. So, who do you hire? Assuming you are hiring a professional pet sitter, we are all bonded and insured and our sitters are all background checked. So, who do you choose? You are trusting us with your home and pets so you want to choose the right company. Well, here are just a few of the  things that set us apart from other pet sitters.

Our Pet Sitters

We are very particular about who we hire to be apart of the Pampered Petz team! Our pet sitters LOVE what they do! Animals are their life. This isn’t just a job for them; it’s a lifestyle. We look for people who not only have experience with animals but absolutely love spending time with them.  Many of our pet sitters have homes filled with a variety of pets and you might run into them at the animal rescue, advocating for animal rights or working at your vet’s office. They live and breathe pets! So, they aren’t just going to feed and take out your dog. They are going to make sure he is really comfortable with them. They are going to cuddle with him when he seems like he misses Mommy and Daddy. They are going to sit on the floor and hand feed him when he seems like he’s not eating. They are going to do everything in their power to make sure he is HAPPY and HEALTHY.

Want to learn more about our sitters? Check our some of their profiles here.


We have been pet sitting for a long time and serviced thousands of animals. We know pets. We can tell when something seems off with your pet. I’ve alerted a few of our clients to concerns that turned out to be major health issues. After noticing one client’s dog was drinking water excessively, she took her dog to the vet only to discover she had diabetes. When another client’s cat had not peed in her litter box for 24 hours and was making a yowling noise, we found out he had a blockage that needed to taken care of immediately. In addition, we have many resources if there is ever an issue or concern. One of our pet sitters is a vet technician. Plus, we have multiple clients who are veterinarians that we can consult with should the need arise.

Service Area

There are many pet sitters out there who service a MASSIVE  area, sometimes an entire county or even multiple counties. If you’ve ever driven from one end of the county to the other, you know this can take a very long time. Up to an hour or more with traffic! What if something happens that causes your pet sitter’s schedule to fall behind like they get into an accident or have an emergency with another pet? What if you have a last minute emergency and ask for a visit and your pet sitter is unable to accommodate because they are already booked for other visits that are too far away? At Pampered Petz, we prefer to keep our service area small. Each pet sitter only takes care of clients within 5 miles of their home. Plus, we have backup sitters in place for every client so that you are not left in a bind.


It’s not uncommon for many companies to have office hours in place when they respond to calls or emails. If you try to check in on your pet over the weekend or at night, you might need to wait a day or two before you get a response with an update which can be very unnerving if you’re away and worried about your precious babies. At Pampered Petz, we understand how important your pets are and want to ensure that you have peace of mind while you’re away. If you contact us to check in, we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within just an hour or two. On top of that, you can request check ins by phone, email or text every other day, every day, or even every visit.

Online System

We have an online system that allows us to keep all of our client’s information safe and secure. Plus, we can keep track of your pet’s instructions. Did you leave us ten pages of detailed instructions on your pets care? No problem! We enter all of those details and the little notes that you send us advising of changes into our system. Then, your pet sitter can look over all of that information next time you need us.



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